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Any Small or Local Business with an online presence will know that a top ranking in Google or Bing brings more visitors to their website or social media page. It is therefore understandable that savvy business owners will want to sit at or near to the top of Google and Bing.
This will surely bring a higher number of new customers into your site, but how do these top slots really reward you?

The most recent data from shows us that:

• Ranking 1st attracts 39.6% of visitor clicks.
• Ranking 2nd attracts 18.4% of visitor clicks.
• Ranking 3rd attracts 10.1% of visitor clicks.

This proves that having a strong organic ranking for your business will have you winning over your competitors, and even those who pay for ads too!

So, now you can see how important these top positions are, and you are holding on to a top-ranked position, or would really like to get one, then:

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